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Physical Security Services

On-Site Security Officers: The Right Personnel, The Right Partnership

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all philosophy. A partnership with Security Management enables our clients to adopt a collaborative approach that aligns with their unique needs. We deliver a solution that not only meets your standards but also integrates seamlessly with your company culture. We take care of the complexities, and in return, you receive a custom-tailored security solution that caters to your specific requirements.

Global Supply Chain Partner Network Participation

Security Management of South Carolina, LLC. is a proud member of Avetta and the ISNetworld Member Contractor network.

Both services play a crucial role in maintaining high standards of safety and quality in the supply chain process. They ensure that all parties involved adhere to the necessary regulations and standards, thereby reducing risk and promoting efficiency.


ISNetworld is a comprehensive contractor management database and prequalification service. It collects and verifies suppliers’ safety, quality, and regulatory information based on hiring client requirements. This service effectively connects suppliers to Hiring and Owner clients, ensuring a smooth and efficient supply chain process.


Avetta is a prequalification service that focuses on ensuring vendors/suppliers are prequalified to work in a safe and sustainable manner. Avetta manages and reduces supply chain risk by pre-screening suppliers, verifying insurance, and compiling key compliance and safety documentation. This ensures that all vendors and suppliers meet the necessary safety and sustainability standards before they engage in any work.

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