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With headquarters in Columbia, SC, Security Management is a privately-owned company providing private security services throughout the Southeast. Since opening for service in 1996, Security Management has maintained an employee first culture. Our dedicated employees provide security across many diverse industries. The owners and operators of Security Management live within the communities we serve, and have a strong, customer-focused orientation. This allows us to maintain exclusive focus on our clients' needs and immediately adapt to any client demand. We have all the necessary resources to provide our clients with world-class services. Our reputation, founded on an unwavering commitment to client service and determination to protect you with dedicated, well-trained officers, has allowed us to become the leader in the security industry.


To provide our clients with the highest level of Security and Peace of Mind and create Solid Partnerships on the foundation of Trust and Accountability.


Recognized as the security industry leader by fulfilling the unique needs and ambitions of every client and every employee.


  • Integrity: Uphold the standards in the absence of an audience.
  • Servant Leadership: Stand with your people to serve a common good.
  • Passion for Quality: Be the best, lead the rest.
  • Sincere Partnerships: Anyone can identify an incident; it takes a unified effort to create security and peace of mind.
  • Courage: Do what’s right, and what must be done - Let’s roll!
  • Preservation of Culture: A client will not love our company until our employees love it first.

Paul Gillam

Randy Sturkey

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Cliff Howell

Paul Gillam

President and CEO

Phone: (803) 775-1259, Ext 104
Fax: (803) 778-0272

Randy Sturkey

CSO and Business Development

Phone: (803) 775-1259, Ext 107
Fax: (803) 778-0272

Jennifer Sturkey


Phone: (803) 775-1259, Ext 101
Fax: (803) 778-0272

Cliff Howell

CPP, Site Surveys

JB Mozingo


Phone: (803) 775-1259, Ext 105

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employee highlight

Security Management is proud to feature one of its employees who is making a difference every day in the lives of those she serves. Read what our happy client has to say about her: "Captain Coleman stands guard over Heathwood’s front entrance, making sure nobody gets on campus who doesn’t have a reason to be here—and making sure that everybody who does get on campus arrives with a smile on their faces. She’s guarded the gate for eight years. Her nametag might read, “Captain Coleman,” but to the Heathwood community, she’s “Miss Kitty.”...

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At Security Management, our people are our most valuable asset. Our firm is grounded on the cornerstone of service, service to our officers and service to our clients. With comprehensive employee engagement, training, career development programs and benefits, we believe that when we take care of our people, they will take care of our clients. Security Management is always proud to hire veterans and reservists.