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Plant and factory security requires specialized attention to detail. In addition to our already high standards of training, Security Management’s Industrial Security Officers are also fully prepared to handle any safety issues that may arise while on duty.

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& industrial

Enhanced security at educational facilities can require a special measure of sensitivity. Security Management’s Campus Officers are specifically trained to be reliable sources of trust and peace of mind for students, parents and staff, from elementary to college level institutions.

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Schools &

Large crowds can sometimes brew unruly behavior, and a solid security team is essential to ensure your event goes smoothly from set-up to break-down.

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Hospitals and other healthcare facilities often need extra security due to the constant flow of people through the doors. Our officers will protect your halls from all manner of criminal activity, while remaining sensitive to the needs of your patients and staff.

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Today’s restless political climates can unfortunately mean new risks for government employees and campuses. Security Management maintains a GSA Certification. Alert and highly trained security personnel will assure the safety of those who serve in state and federal capacities.

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Reliable security is critical for any financial institution, and Security Management personnel are consistently up to the challenge. Each of our guards receive extensive training to deal with any level of threat against your establishment.

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Active construction sites can be frequent targets for vandals and thieves after hours, so a top-notch security program is vital to keeping projects on schedule and on budget.

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Running a successful business requires concentration and strict attention to detail, and worrying about safety can negatively affect the bottom line. Let us do what we do best so that you can do what you do best!

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No one can control when Mother Nature decides to turn a wrathful eye on our communities, but post-disaster chaos can be kept to a minimum with an effective security team. We’ll help get you back on your feet.

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Natural disaster

Clients come to high-end resorts to celebrate, confer with colleagues, or just to escape the stress of everyday life. The last thing they want is to worry about safety and crime. Security Management’s watchful officers are a comforting sight for your guests.

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Keeping our homes and families safe from harm is everyone’s utmost priority. Security Management is a trusted partner in keeping neighborhoods safe.

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Keeping tenants feeling safe and secure translates into a healthy profit margin for your commercial enterprise. Security Management will tailor your security program to fit the needs of each of your tenants and their respective businesses.

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real estate

A courteous and professional security presence provides a polished first impression to any corporate headquarters’ clients. Our officers are fully trained in all aspects of building security, from cubicles to parking garages.

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Retail businesses thrive on repeat customers, and peace of mind ensures their return. Security Management’s Retail Guards are trained for all eventualities, including loss and vandalism prevention.

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Whatever the needs of your business or facility, Security Management will customize its services to you. Please contact us today to see how we can best serve you.

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employee highlight

Security Management is proud to feature one of its employees who is making a difference every day in the lives of those she serves. Read what our happy client has to say about her: "Captain Coleman stands guard over Heathwood’s front entrance, making sure nobody gets on campus who doesn’t have a reason to be here—and making sure that everybody who does get on campus arrives with a smile on their faces. She’s guarded the gate for eight years. Her nametag might read, “Captain Coleman,” but to the Heathwood community, she’s “Miss Kitty.”...

be part of a great team

At Security Management, our people are our most valuable asset. Our firm is grounded on the cornerstone of service, service to our officers and service to our clients. With comprehensive employee engagement, training, career development programs and benefits, we believe that when we take care of our people, they will take care of our clients. Security Management is always proud to hire veterans and reservists.